The roof is the crown of any building, which at the same time must be beautiful and of high quality, in order to reliably protect against bad weather. Consider that the prices for roofing installation may depend on the complexity of the work being implemented - if you want the installation to be really high-quality, you should not save on the materials and labor of specialists, preferring the best materials offered by our company. Prices for installation of the roof in our price list are quite affordable.

   Prices for roofing work consist of several important factors. Among the standard and most important ones, it is worth noting: the height of the house and the area of ​​the coating, the material chosen, the complexity of the roof construction and its configuration, etc. There are other individual factors, so the cost of installing the roof in each case is calculated personally.

   We can choose the options that are suitable for any budget. Among our offers there is the price for the installation of the roof "turnkey". In this case, the client will be able to save due to the optimal calculation of the cost of the project. You can determine the base cost yourself using our price list.

   The exact cost of mounting the roof will be clear after working at the facility of our specialists, who will carry out the necessary calculations and make an estimate.

   Roof installation in Kiev and Kiev region is the most requested service for roof installation and repair companies. Without a master is not enough. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of proper roof construction. That roof takes the first blows of the elements, it is she most often requires repair and maintenance.

   The cost of roofing works depends on the amount of work, the complexity of the project, the season, and the selected material. We offer you not only the installation of a turnkey roof, but also certain types of roofing work